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Biden on trade

Vice President Joe Biden's political positions are compared with those of Warren and Sanders and taken from the Democratic party debate in Iowa on Jan 14, 2020.

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on trade : And by the way, the idea -- I don't know that there's any trade agreement that the senator would ever think made any sense, but the problem is that 95 percent of the customers are out there. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : And there will be no trade agreement until we invest more in American workers. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : There will be no trade agreements signed in my administration without environmentalists and labor at the table. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : That's one of the things that has been improved with the trade agreement with Mexico. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : And given the fact that climate change is right now the greatest threat facing this planet, I will not vote for a trade agreement that does not incorporate very, very strong principles to significantly lower fossil fuel emissions in the world. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : Second of all, every major environmental organization has said no to this new trade agreement because it does not even have the phrase "climate change" in it. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : The answer is we could do much better than a Trump-led trade deal. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : That is the workers. Bottom line here is, I am sick and tired of trade agreements negotiated by the CEOs of large corporations behind doors. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : Well, I think that it is not so easy to put together new trade legislation. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : And that is NAFTA, PNTR with China, other trade agreements were written for one reason alone. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : And they are hurting because of Donald Trump's initiated trade wars. We have workers who are hurting because the agreements that have already been cut really don't have enforcement on workers' rights. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : I believe we accept that relief, we try to help the people who need help, and we get up the next day and fight for a better trade deal. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : This new trade deal is a modest improvement. Sen. Sanders himself has said so. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : We need a coherent trade policy. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : We need them at the table, not just to trade policy written for big, international companies. (Jan 14, 2020)

on trade : It has been the structure of how these trade deals have been negotiated. (Jan 14, 2020)

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