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  Biden on Taxes  

Comments of Vice President Joe Biden on Taxes are compared with remarks of Warren and Sanders. The statements are extracted from the Democratic Party Presidential Primary Debate in Iowa on January 14, 2020.

About the page style: This page is crafted in the style of a concordance. A concordance is an alphabetical list of the keywords and the proper Names in a document along with the statements in which those words appear. Click the preceding every statement to go to the pertinent paragraph in the text. on tax : And a 4 percent tax on income over $24,000 doesn't even come close to paying for between $30 trillion, and some estimates as high as $40 trillion over 10 years. (Jan 14, 2020)

on tax : Secondly, I think we should have an $8,000 tax credit which would put 7 million women back to work that could afford to go to work and still care for their children as an $8,000 tax credit. (Jan 14, 2020)

on tax : Under Medicare For All, one of the provisions we have to pay for it is a 4 percent tax on income, exempting the first $29,000. (Jan 14, 2020)

on tax : Donald Trump as a businessman received $800 million in tax breaks and subsidies to build luxury housing. (Jan 14, 2020)

on tax : Donald Trump is corrupt. He is a pathological liar and he is a fraud.Now, when Trump talks about socialism, what he talks about is giving hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies to the fossil fuel industry. (Jan 14, 2020)

on tax : And we can go after the corporate tax cheats. And when we do that, we have enough money to provide health care for all our people. (Jan 14, 2020)

on tax : So, look, the way I think we need to do this is we need a wealth tax in America. (Jan 14, 2020)

on taxes : I have worked out a plan where we can do that without raising taxes on middle-class families by one thin dime. (Jan 14, 2020)

on taxes : We can ask those at the very top, the top 1 percent, to pay a little more. Those giant corporations like Chevron and Amazon who paid nothing in taxes, we can have them pay. (Jan 14, 2020)

on taxes : And that means that the lowliest millionaire that I would tax under this wealth tax would be paying about $19 million in the first year in taxes. (Jan 14, 2020)

on taxes : My brother said, "I don't get this. I have to pay my taxes. Somebody has to keep the roads paved and the schools open and pay for our defense. (Jan 14, 2020)

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