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Highlights of 2016 Governor John Kasich comments in Ohio

Comments are taken from the 2016 Republican Party presidential debate in Cleveland, OH, on Aug 6, 2016.

About the page style: This page is crafted in the style of a concordance. A concordance is an alphabetical list of the keywords and the proper Names in a document along with the statements in which those words appear. Click the preceding every statement to go to the pertinent paragraph in the text.

on America: You know, America is a miracle country.
on America: lift everybody, unite everybody and build a stronger United States of America again. It will be and can be done.
on America: He wants America to succeed. And he wants America to lead.
on America: because that we are a good force in the world, he wants America to be strong.
on American Dream: treat everybody with respect, and let them share in this great American Dream that we have, Megan.
on Amiracle: And we have to restore the sense that the Amiracle (ph) will apply to you.
on Armed Services Committee: I was a member of the Armed Services Committee for 18 years.
on Budget Committee: I was the chairman of the Budget Committee and the lead architect the last time it happened in Washington,
on Budget Committee: I was the chairman of the House Budget Committee
on Christie: Chris, first of all, I was just saying to Chris Christie, they say we're outspoken,
on Economic Growth: Economic Growth is the key to everything. But once you have economic growth, it is important that we reach out to people who live in the shadows,
on Economic Growth: we cut taxes, and we had a big surplus. Economic Growth is the key.
on English: my father was a mailman. His father was a coal miner. My mother's mother could barely speak English.
on God-given: Everybody has a right to their God-given purpose.
on God: God gives me unconditional love. I'm going to give it to my family and my friends and the people around me.
on House: I was the chairman of the House Budget Committee
on Medicaid: -- first of all, Megyn, you should know that -- that President Reagan expanded Medicaid three or four times.
on Medicaid: And finally, our Medicaid is growing at one of the lowest rates in the country.
on Ohio: Secondly, I had an opportunity to bring resources back to Ohio to do what?
on Ohio: I took the state of Ohio from an $8 billion hole and a 350,000 job loss to a $2 billion surplus and a gain of 350,000 jobs.
on Ohio: And their son today stands on this podium in the great state of Ohio not only as the governor,
on Ohio: And now I'm the governor of Ohio, and I inherited a state that was on the brink of dying.
on Ohio: and the state is unified, and people have hope again in Ohio.
on People: People are frustrated. They're fed up. They don't think the government is working for them.
on People: You know, we were talking about it. People were saying, could we do it?
on Reagan: -- first of all, Megyn, you should know that -- that President Reagan expanded Medicaid three or four times.
on Trump: Here is the thing about Donald Trump: Donald Trump is hitting a nerve in this country. He is. He's hitting a nerve.
on Trump: we need to take lessons from Donald Trump if we're really going to learn it.
on Trump: Mr. Trump is touching a nerve because people want the wall to be built.
on United States: lift everybody, unite everybody and build a stronger United States of America again. It will be and can be done.
on United States: but a candidate for president of the United States. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

There are 31 entries in Quotations from & Concordance of Republican Candidates' Debate of Aug 6, 2015.
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