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About Who Said So Network
About Who Said So Network features comments on issues by the Presidential Candidates. Comments are arranged alphabetically by keywords -- a concordance to the transcripts of the 2016 Debates.

A typical line on a page looks like this:

on pharmaceutical : Because of the fact that the pharmaceutical companies -- because of the fact that the pharmaceutical companies are not mandated to bid properly, they have hundreds of billions of dollars in waste. (2016/03/03)

Click on the above to go to the exact point of the debate in a pop-up window. The above example appears on the page titled "Concordance to comments of Trump". In addition to pages dedicated to each Candidate there are pages devoted to individual Issues. For example on the page titled "Trump on Trade" you can read comments of Trump on a cluster of related issues such as currencies, devaluation, TPP, etc. More

About the 2018 Trump United States Federal Budget Document

The US 2018 Budget Document contains two parts: the narrative and the summary tables. The Index and Concordance covers the three sections in the narrative part of the document. The sections are as follows:

I. Overview.
II.What Went Wrong: Inheriting $20 Trillion in Debt and a Broken, Stagnant Economy.
III. How to Make Things Right.

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A history of compiling comcordances

The first major concordance for an English text was published in 1550 for the Bible. Later on concordances were created for the works of Shakespeare and other major authors. In 2016 Who Said So Network applied the concept of concordance to the transcripts of the United States Presidential Debates. In the "Concordance of the 2016 Debates" website there are dozens of pages, containing hundreds of topics.

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